• Pakistani student panel

    PSP is not about charity It is about accountability
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  • Pakistani student panel

    PSP provide opportunity to link up all Pakistani students.
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About PSP

Birth of PSP

PSP was born in the month of February 2014 when we first came across a student of Bahria University who was unable to pay her fee. She was warned of being terminated from her Bachelor’s program, despite her being a bright and needy student, if she was unable to clear her semester dues. Since PSP was not official at that time, so, Miss Amna Yousaf with the financial help of few of her friends cleared her dues and decided to carry on with this virtuous cause of helping students all over Pakistan. And by the grace of Allah we have our teams in various universities of Pakistan.


PSP is now 2 years old and it has shown massive progress from then. Since, PSP is determined to cater Pakistan in every possible way; we arrange awareness programs and seminars. Our teams in different cities visit orphanages to spend time with them to make the orphans feel they are not alone. Our Facebook page and group is a main forum where our followers discuss the problems they are facing or any hot issue. All in all, PSP members try to cherish Pakistan in every possible way.

  • Events & Volunteering

    Arranging seminars for motivation and guidance of youth, Encouraging youth in volunteering their free time.

  • Help & Support

    Financially suporting bright future of Pakistan and guiding them towards their bright future.


    Motivating youth to use themselves as light in the darkness as we strongly believe in "Khudi" of Iqbal

Meet Our Team

  • Amna Yousaf


    Ms Amna Yousaf is a young academician, entrepreneur and writer. Currently she is studying entrepreneurship from the University of Surrey, UK. Amna worked with several charities and played a key role in advancing their aims. She is enthusiastic and has a passion to work for people. Amna founded three organizations including Pakistani Students Panel that has been a true success in term of its impacts and outreach for the youth from remote and marginalized communities of Pakistan. This project has been very useful to mobilize the resources for financially deprived students, in addition to its unended support for poor patients. Moreover, she loves training and capacity building of youth and has been doing online coaching for business students. Ms Yousaf is now working as a consultant and helps new entrepreneurs to develop their businesses.

  • Muhammad Hashir Fazal

    Regional Head (Pakistan)

    Mr Muhammad Hashir is a certified technical trainer, entrepreneur and looking after financial matters of PSP. He is currently doing his masters in computer science from PAF-KIET Karachi. He is a passionate technology lover and aims to build an one of its kind technical institute that can fulfill his dream of making Pakistan an IT Hub, Moreover he is also owns a software house and working there as Director Business Relations. He is one of the founding members of PSP and love to work for betterment of education system in Pakistan and has been working as consultant and helps students to plan their career as according to him Education is very crucial for development of any nation.


In case not to burden anyone with large sum of money, PSP accepts investment as minimal to Rs.200/- only. Moreover, you can also become our member free of cost, all you have to do is fill our membership form by clicking here. By becoming a member of PSP’s team you accept to invest Rs.200/- monthly.


Act now and join our cause. Stay up to date with us & our activites.

Contact Us


We are available anytime on social platforms like Facebook Group and Page, However for any queries related to donations you can contact our Regional Head Muhammad Hashir Fazal